Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 14 Progress and Clarification

Well we talked with the PM today and we got a better understanding of the process--which is unique to condos (and likely townhomes in our area).  Given that our condo requires so many inspections and paperwork, it is difficult for him and NVR to predict when everything will be finished.  It's not worth our or NVR's time lock in rates when they have no idea when closing is eligible to occur. 

Actually everything is about 90% finished.  All the appliances have been installed, the landscaping outside has been completed, and all that is left is the final cleaning and drywall touch-ups. Our home demonstration will be next month and may or may not coincide with when all the paperwork is completed.  Once the paperwork is completed, NVR will contact us and we can begin the process of finalizing the loan.  So that puts us in the range of mid/late Jan to mid Feb 2012 if everything goes smoothly.

Enjoy the pics.

Essie is hyped about the stacked fancy W/D

The fog cleared away within a couple of minutes

Kitchen shot

Landscaping complete!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Week 13 Progress and Questions for the Masses

We didn't get a chance to visit this week but we were informed that the condo is mostly complete.  We have carpet, side walks, heat, and a good chunk of the outside landscaping.  Can't wait to take a look!

We were also informed that our "home demonstration" will be in a couple of weeks.  We have a couple of questions...
  1. What is a home demonstration?  Is this different than walk through? If he's going to show us how to work a light switch and turn a door knob, we've got that covered.  I've been living indoors all my life.
  2. Scheduling...he called and dictated the time.  The problem is we will be out of town during his given date range. He stated that this will be the only time we can do it.  What is the big rush when we don't even have a remote idea when we will close (see below).
  3. When will NVR talk to us about the mortgage?  We harassed them for a couple of weeks and they finally got back to us and basically said, "we are too busy". I guess that's a good thing for them but I don't like having to drop my life at their discretion.  Don't they technically work for us?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week 12 Progress

We are able to sneak in and take some pictures this afternoon.  PM says the only major milestone left is the gas line hookup.  Once that's done, he can turn on the heat and water.  There's also a billion inspections that need to be on each unit and the entire building.  They've done a bunch along the way but many more remain.

It seems like we are still a ways out from being completed as NVR hasn't contacted us.  Our sales rep says they will contact us when we are within 60 days.  Our countdown is based on our own estimate of around late Feb 2012. It looks like we will be about right or about a few weeks later.

Enough talk, here's the pics.... 

They added some trim outside the doors.  I think the doors are green, Essie thinks they're blue....
I told Essie to take a picture of the garage.  I guess she found something more interesting.  (I assume these folks are contractors or bold thieves.)  Rejected caption:  Simon says, "touch your toes".

Balconies nearly complete.  Homeslice was working without a harness there.  Once false move and they won't call you Pretty Ricky anymore...

First floor powder room. 

We got the stove, microwave, and fridge installed.

The ol' fregadero and dishwasher.

Essie says we can put wine bottles in here...My wine comes in boxes!  LOL
Chandelier...in case it wasn't obvious.

One side of the roman shower...

The other side of the shower.  I couldn't get a pic of the whole thing but it's a pretty large shower for only 2 people.
Second floor hall bathroom.

One of Guardian security panels

One of the panels that allows you to eavesdrop on other rooms...and to shoo away door to door salesmen without going downstairs.

Adios!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 11 Progress

There's not much going on the outside and Esie doesn't like the idea of breaking in after hours so we had to schedule *yawn* a 6am meeting to see the inside of the condo. It's really starting to shape up.


Partial cabinet install

It was pretty foggy out


Stove goes in that gap...

Kitchen are

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 9 Progress!! Looks pretty good!!

The Brick work in our unit is complete!  Windows and Doors are included!

INSULATION everywhere, just the way we like it! We walked in this morning and even though it was a COLD morning the place was relatively warm.  All doors were open and of course there was no heat, but the ENERGY STAR features are doing a good job!
A BUNCH OF STICKS!  Imagination at work.... it will look like a home soon enough!

Shiny Duct work ready to blow conditioned air throughout our home! Supposedly < 4% leakage allowed for ENERGY STAR...

Our fireplace is so understated right now.

Main living area... looks good so far!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 8/9 Progress

Last week while driving our beloved Dodge Omni to see our condo, we got into a single car accident.  We slipped on a patch of ice and smashed up our car pretty good. The great news is that we were both fine and the insurance believes they can repair the damage.

Next week we have our pre-drywall meeting so we hope to have some pictures then.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 7 Progress

Not much to see here.  Allegedly the concrete subfloor was installed between the two units.  They've started putting up bricks on our side of the building first, while the other units get HVAC, plumbing, and electrical installed.

Our PM says we could schedule a time to visit now. Unfortunately we are too busy working to visit.  I guess that's the ironic part about buying a place.  You have to take time off from the place that allows you to buy a home in order to get visit or get things done (pick colors, tiles, carpet, sign paperwork). I'm not really complaining, I don't expect the PM to work on weekends or make special arrangements for us.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 6 Progress

Not much to see.  They've completed the roof and plan to pour the concrete sub-floor in the next few days.  The PM says we'll have our pre-drywall in the next 2-3 weeks. Estamos juntos!