Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So after seeing the first two levels go up so quickly we went back the next weekend! Oh MY... FOUR LEVELS!  These guys are working quickly!

Here it is... no longer just a thought or figment of our imagination!

 A close up of the back of our house and the balcony area.

You can see clearly across the house... front to back door! 

Staircase to bedroom for the bottom townhouse level. Wondering what ours looks like?  

The first two levels went up in no time!

  Wow... so much went on only in the first week!  It is no longer just concrete!
Another week and there is serious progress!

This is the front of our building.

Back of the building/garage area.

First pics

Our new place on the day of our pre-construction meeting.  We missed all the previous events.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Post

We are a bit further along in our RH process. Here are the facts.

1.  We are building a Picasso model.
2.  We signed our contract on President's Day 2011.  Condo to be completed in Sept 2011.
3.  We almost cancelled our contract on Memorial Day 2011. 
4.  We negotiated a better deal and now we're on course for a new condo in early 2012.
5.  Interest rates are going down!!! 
6.  We had our pre-construction meeting in early Sept and our building is under construction.