Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 7 Progress

Not much to see here.  Allegedly the concrete subfloor was installed between the two units.  They've started putting up bricks on our side of the building first, while the other units get HVAC, plumbing, and electrical installed.

Our PM says we could schedule a time to visit now. Unfortunately we are too busy working to visit.  I guess that's the ironic part about buying a place.  You have to take time off from the place that allows you to buy a home in order to get visit or get things done (pick colors, tiles, carpet, sign paperwork). I'm not really complaining, I don't expect the PM to work on weekends or make special arrangements for us.

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  1. We visited our house during construction just about every evening after work...usually the sales office is open in the evening and you should be able to make arrangements with your sales rep and PM to have the key at the sales office if it isn't there already...they usually don't change the lock/key until right before settlement. We just stopped by the office, grabbed the key, checked out the progress and returned the key. Make time to see the house during is good for them to know you are keeping an eye on things...our PM welcomed our involvement.