Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 14 Progress and Clarification

Well we talked with the PM today and we got a better understanding of the process--which is unique to condos (and likely townhomes in our area).  Given that our condo requires so many inspections and paperwork, it is difficult for him and NVR to predict when everything will be finished.  It's not worth our or NVR's time lock in rates when they have no idea when closing is eligible to occur. 

Actually everything is about 90% finished.  All the appliances have been installed, the landscaping outside has been completed, and all that is left is the final cleaning and drywall touch-ups. Our home demonstration will be next month and may or may not coincide with when all the paperwork is completed.  Once the paperwork is completed, NVR will contact us and we can begin the process of finalizing the loan.  So that puts us in the range of mid/late Jan to mid Feb 2012 if everything goes smoothly.

Enjoy the pics.

Essie is hyped about the stacked fancy W/D

The fog cleared away within a couple of minutes

Kitchen shot

Landscaping complete!


  1. Looks fantastic. Our fireplace still fogs up initially and then clears up. We use them all the time too.

  2. Thanks Castanets! LOL

    The fireplace looks great. Do you think you can open it to roast marshmallows?

  3. I like that kitchen island a lot! very nice.