Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 18 Progress

We've made some progress in the last few weeks.  We were vacationing and just returned.  We locked in our mortgage rate at 3.75%!  Amazing rate in our opinion. 

All the inspections are done and the condo is approved for sale by the county.  We are in the final stages.  The next steps are FHA condo approval, appraisal, final mortgage approval, and then prep for settlement.  Our tentative settlement is early to mid February. 

We had our home demonstration this week and it was great.  We picked out some small cosmetic items to be fixed but the PM identified most of the items.  We also measured all 18(!) windows for window treatments.  We will likely use a combo of curtains and blinds.  Luckily Esmeralda can sew anything.

I guess we should start packing now.

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